Father: William Milton Pressnall
Mother: Greta Rose Crandall
Birthplace and date: November 26, 1897,
near Munden, Republic County, Kansas
Birthplace and date: September 2, 1913, Harbine,
Republic County, Kansas
Death place and date: November, 1992, Louisville,
Cass County, Nebraska
Death place and date: June, 1998, Wymore, Gage County,
Marriage place and date:1934, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas
Marriage place and date: 1934, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas
Parents:Leonidas (Lon) Hamilton
Pressnall, Clara O.Brown

Parents: Lee Dayton Crandall, Cora Deve

Notes: Greta had before been married a short time to Samuel Albert White--1 child---Leslie.

After she married William Pressnall, they lived for a couple or 3 years in Odell, Nebraska, then moved to Beatrice, Nebraska.
They divorced in 1946 and Greta married Ray Bernadt and moved to Wymore, Nebraska. Greta and Ray "Barney" Bernadt are both buried in Wymore, Nebraska

Bill Pressnall is buried in Pleasant View? cemetery near Pickrell, Nebraska.


Wayne Milton Pressnall
Gloria Ann Epps
L.F. Pressnall
February, 1937
P. Taylor
Merna Lee Pressnall
June 24, 1938
L.A. Pressnall
January 3, 1943
J. Currier
M. Ellis
Born to Greta and Ray Bernadt--twins (Bernadt) b.3 Jan 1946, J. R. and G. L.