Father: Daniel Austin Crandall
Mother: Olive Almina Moore
Birth date and place: Jan 29, 1856, near
Golden City, Dade County, Missouri
Birth date and place: April 20, 1862,
Henry county, Ohio
Death date and place: March 28, 1922,
Hebron, Thayer County, Nebraska
Death date and place: November 4, 1935
Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska
Marriage date and place: August 9, 1883,
Geneva, Nebraska
Marriage date and place: August 9, 1883,
Geneva, Nebraska
Parents: Clark Cooper Crandall,
Mary Ann Brown

Parents: John Moore, Christena Hall

Notes:Dan came first to the Chicago area with his father during or after the Civil War. His mother and father had died in Dade County during the war, and his brothers and sisters also. His father remarried and came to Nebraska and was a Methodist minister. Dan and Ollie lived with or near his father and
second wife during the rest of their lives. They moved to Ruleton in western Kansas for a while during the 1890's but the hard times on the plains during the early 1890's brought them back to Thayer County by 1900. They settled in Byron, Nebraska, only lived just across the state line from Byron in Kansas
Byron on the Kansas side of the railroad tracks was called Harbine. Dan Crandall ran a butcher shop in

Both are buried in the cemetery at Chester, Nebraska.

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Lee Dayton
July 22, 1884
Bruning, Thayer County, Nebraska
December 11, 1961
Mt, Ida,Montgomery, Arkansas
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