Father: John Christy Brown
Mother:Martha Boley Stevens
Birth date and place: October 8, 1840
Bloomington, Indiana
Birth date and place:June 18, 1849,
Lancaster, Keokuk County, Iowa

Death date and place: July 12, 1924,
Chester, thayer, Nebraska
Death date and place:July 20, 1924,
Chester, Thayer, Nebraska
Marriage date and place: January 3, 1867, Aledo,
Mercer County, Illinois
Marriage date and place: January 3, 1867,
Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois
Parents:James Madison Brown, Nancy Christy
Parents: James W. Stevens, Mary Jane Jackson

Notes:John C. Brown was in company A 102, Illinois Volunteers. He became ill on a forced march from Louisvillle, Kentucky to Frankfort, Kentucky, near the town of Shelbyville. After going through several applications for a pension, one was finally granted. The pension amount in the last year of his life was 50 dollars per month.

He was born in Indiana, but while he was a young man his family moved to Mercer County, Illinois, near the town of Keithsburg. That town is now under the Mississippi River, I believe. It was from there that he joined the Union Army. He was discharged at Chicago in 1865.

Martha's family and her grandmother and her brother and family had moved to Illinois from Iowa sometime after 1850.

In 1870 the Brown family is back in Iowa, and in 1874 they came to Republic County, Kansas and settled in Liberty Township. His homestead was proved up in 1879. In 1912 he sold his land and moved into Chester.


Adda May
December 29, 1867
Mercer County, Illinois
May 9, 1892, Kansas
Lash Shawn
Seldon O.
December 18, 1869
November 20, 1957
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Clara F. Parker
Wyram O.
August 17, 1872
December 14, 1913
Kansas or Nebraska
Myrtle Stroud
Nora O.
April 19, 1875
Republic County, Kansas
December 6, 1920
Hebron, thayer, Nebraska
Frank Rieke
Henry Otis
February 1, 1877
Republic County, Kansas
May 19, 1961
Flora Casteel
Clara Orinda
January 19, 1879
Republic County, Kansas
July 13, 1944,
Belleville, Kansas

Lon Pressnall
Mary Orpha
January 4, 1881
Republic County, Kansas
January 13, 1957
Centralia, Washington
Marion Earl Croop
James Ira
December 1, 1883
Republic County,Kansas
December 4, 1883
Republic County, Kansas
buried in Regester Cemetery

Note: Martha seemed to really like middle names that start with O