Father: Kenis Pharoah Herald
Mother: Frances America Goble
Birth date and place: October 20, 1860,
Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Kentucky
Birth date and place:January 29, 1961,
Floyd County, Kentucky
Death date and place: 1935, Byron, Thayer
County, Nebraska
Death date and place:October 3, 1943,
Beatrice, Nebraska
Marriage date and place:January 27, 1881,
Floyd County, Kentucky
Marriage date and place:January 27, 1881,
Floyd County, Kentucky
Parents:James Harvey Herald and
Eliza Akers

Parents: William Goble and Martha Harris

Notes:Both were born in or near Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Kentucky. Both of their fathers were off to Virginia to fight in the Civil War for the confederate side. Mostly they were intensely loyal to their area. Neither of them had slaves. After the war there were not many economic opportunites in eastern Kentucky except in the coal mines which seemed to be springing up in the 1880's or so. Working in one of them did not seem to appeal to Kenis Herald, so in 1878 he came out to Republic County, Kansas
and worked on the Burlington railroad that was just coming through southern Nebraska and Northern Kansas. After the railroad was built he took a job as a farm laborer. He went back to Floyd County in 1881 to marry his sweetheart and after that both did farming until 1914 when he was appointed postmaster of the town of Byron, Nebraska. After Frances' dad died in 1885 her mom came to live with them. She stayed with them except for a few short periods until her death in 1917. Unfortunately none of their children lived to old ages. Cora died at the age of 38 in childbirth, Frank died at the age of 19 of pneumonia and the other children died young.

Both they and their children are buried in the Chester cemetery.
A community social club called the 500 Club was organized in Byron about 1910, and Kenis P. Herald was one of its charter members and was voted as a director as was Daniel A. Crandall later. Members of the Crandallfamily were active in its drama and other entertainment programs. these are copies for some newspaper articles about 500 club meetings and programs.
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Cora Deve
April 11, 1882
Republic County, Kansas
April 8, 1920
Byron, Nebraska
Lee Dayton Crandall
Charles F.
December 1, 1883
July 14, 1885

Mary E.
Born and died
May 10, 1885

Frank R.
November 28, 1889
November 20, 1909

born and died
December 23, 1891

Roy W.
born and died same day
year unknown
September 23