Father: Lee Dayton Crandall
Mother: Cora Deve Herald
Birth date and place: July 22, 1884
Thayer County, Nebraska
Birth date and place: April 11, 1882,
Republic County, Kansas
Death date and place:11 December, Mt. Ida, Arkansas
Death date and place: April 8, 1920, Thayer
County, Nebraska
Marriage date and place: April 13, 1905,
Thayer County, Nebraska
Marriage date and place: April 13, 1905,
Thayer County, Nebraska
Parents:Daniel Crandall, Olive Almina Moore
Parents: Kenis Pharoah Herald and
Frances America Goble

Notes:Dayton knew and worked at many trades. He was a painter, a butcher, and for quite a while in the 1920's and 1930's a carnival actor and ran many stands in the carnival. Cora died in childbirth and he married Leila Prewitt, who is the only grandmother the granchildren knew. Dayton and Leila had one child, Duane Allen Crandall. After world war two Dayton and Leila and Duane moved near Mt., Ida, Montgomery County, Arkansas where both are buried. Cora Herald Crandall is buried in the Chester, Nebraska, cemetery.
About 1912 there was a litery/debating society formed in Byron. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Crandall seem to have beensome of the most active participants.
They even debated each other once.
These are articles in the newspaper of the time and each is is a clickable link to a copy that is large enough to read. The Crandall versus Crandall writeup is the third from left.(Files are high resolution so will take about 30 seconds to a minute to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection.On a Pc use the shift/click if you want them to open in a separate window you can close and be back here.)

census records
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Other newspaper articles, in order by date. Some have members of the Herald and Goble families as well as Crandall's, especially when news of both families appeared on the same page and I bunched them together.

Small town newspapers seem to report news of the activities of
the communities and the rural communities thereabouts.
Cars were new inventions in those days, so trips any distance were news and happenings with cars were certainly news.
Most trips would have been made by train or horse and buggy.

I got copies of these from the microfilmed copies at the Nebraska State Historical Society. They do not have every issue nor every year. I was not able to find any from the 1920's, but did find these from 1907-1912.The articles refer D.A. or Daniel Austin, who was Dayton's father and Clark C, or CC, his grandfather as well as to Dayton.

March 15, 1907
March 15, 1907
(business ad)
April 5, 1907
May 17, 1907
May 31, 1907
August 16, 1907
November 15, 1907
January 3, 1908
June 5, 1908
June 19, 1908
December 14, 1908
January 1, 1909
January 29, 1909
March 5, 1909
March 19, 1909
March 26, 1909

April 16, 1909
April 30, 1909
May 14, 1909
May 21, 1909
June 11, 1909
November 18, 1909
November 18, 1909
business ad

December 31, 1909
January 14, 1910
January 28, 1910

April 8, 1910
May 27, 1910
August 26, 1910
December 23, 1910
January 6, 1911

January 20, 1911
June 2, 1911
June 9, 1911
June 9, 1911

Correct date is
June 9,made error
in photo program.

June 23, 1911

July 21, 1911
August 11, 1911
business ad
August 11, 1911
October 27, 1911
June 21, 1912


Birth and Death
Clark Coryl Crandall
April 23, 1907
Carleton, Thayer
County, Nebraska

June 1975 (LA,Ca)
Ruth Hiekes
Hazel Smith
Frank Harvey Crandall
August 6, 1908
Belvidere, Thayer,

1962, Mt. Ida, Arkansas

Abbie Christian Swain
George Robert
January 25, 1911
Byron, Thayer,

February 5, 1984
Chicago, Illinois
Wilma Kresabac
Harold Glen
June 25, 1912
Byron, Nebraska
Greta Rose
September 2, 1913
Harbine, Republic, KS

June 4, 1998
Wymore, Gage County,
William Milton Pressnall
Raymond Albert Bernadt
Marion Lucille
June 26, 1916, Byron, Thayer,
1981, Chicago, Ill
Alexander C. Wells
Coryl Deve
April 8, 1920, Byron, Thayer
February 16, 1921, Byron,
Thayer, Nebraska