Our Ancestry
Couple by Couple

Generation 1

Wayne Pressnall and Gloria Epps

Generation 2
(their parents)

William Milton Pressnall and Greta Crandall


John Gilbert Epps and MaryBennett



Generation 3
(grandparents of generation 1)
Leonidas H. (Lon) Pressnall and Clara Brown
Lee Dayton Crandall and Cora Deve Herald
John Samuel Epps and Nettie Ann Carithers
Charles E. Bennett and Elizabeth Medendorp

Generation 4

(great grandparents of generation 1)
William Riley Pressnall and Susan Collins
John C. Brown and Martha B. Stevens
Daniel Austin Crandall and Olive Moore
Kenis P. Herald and Frances A. Goble
James A. Epps and Ada H. Martin
Jackson S.Carithers and Martha J.Fortson
Lynn C. Bennett and Phebe May Church
Robert Medendorp and Frances A. Higley

Generation 5
(great great grandparents of generation 1)

- coming soon-pages not in yet so not all links work yet-  Note: ancestors in red are those whose parents I have not identified so will not be included in the next generation)
Daniel Pressnall and Catharine Munden
Joseph Collins and Jane Kello
James M. Brown and Nancy Christy
James W. Stevens and Mary A. Jackson

Clark Crandall and Mary Ann Brown
John Moore and Christena Hall
James H. Herald and Eliza Akers
William Goble and Martha Harris

Joshua Epps  and Mary Briant (or Bent)
John Martin and Sarah H. A. Hartsfield
Samuel Carithers and Frances Dudley
Richard Fortson and Lucy Campbell
Curtis N. Bennett and Alma A. Coe
Frederick Church and Mary Wheatland
John Medendorp and Anna Vanderschaaf
Phelps C. Higley and Elizabeth Fischer


Generation 6
(great great great grandparents of generation 1)
Daniel Pressnall and Pleasant Modlin James Martin and Sarah Busbin
Elijah Munden and Jane Nixon Andrew Hartsfield and Elizabeth Whitehead
Uriah Collins and Elizabeth Sellars William Carithers and Tempy Sims
Nehemiah Kello and Susanna Bryant James Dudley and Martha Bond
William Brown and Elizabeth Ripptoe? Thomas Fortson and Elmira Kinnebrew
John Christy and Elizabeth? Frasier William B. Campbell and Lucy Brown
Abraham Stevens and Rebecca Crandall David Bennett and Mary Coe
John Jackson and Mahala Williams Joel Coe and Jane Sophronia Robert
David Crandall and Harriet Thurston John Church and Phebe Hull Barton
Ephriam Moore and Rebaka Green IsaacWheatland and Ann Forbes
Lewis Hall and Katherine Kuntz Hindriks (Derk) Medendorp and Anje de Graff
James Herald and Elizabeth Woods Robert Vanderschaaf and Gezina Stuivinga
Randolph Akers and Nancy Altizer Correll Higley and Nancy Phelps
Jacob Goble and Kitty Ward Franz Fischer and Elizabeth Koenig
Samuel Harris  

7 th Generation
(great great great great grandparents of Generation 1)

Daniel Pressnall and Martha? Hezekiah Martin and Mary Wingfield
John Modlin and Ann Newby Benjamin Busbin and Temperance Bridges
William Munden and Ruth Cromwell Richard Hartsfield and Anna?
John Nixon and Jane Bundy Samuel Whitehead and Susanna Sims
Benjamin Bryant and Nancy Gragg Robert Carithers and Mary Luckie
Andrew Christy and Margaret Dempster Nathan Bond and Edith Cash
James Stevens and Rebecca Lawrence Benjamin Fortson and Elizabeth Gaines
Azariah Crandall and Saloma Slocum Henry Kinnebrew and Rachel West
John Crandall and Edith Austin Edward Brown and Lucy Lowery 
John Thurston "of England" and ??? Thomas Bennett and Molly Ford
John Moore and?? Joel Coe and Huldah Horton
Henry Hall and Anna Magdalene Glick Joel Coe and Huldah Horton
William Herald and Theodocia? Joseph Robert and Mary Hyrne Jaudon
Aaron Wood and ?? Giles Church and Lois Billings
William Akers and Lydia Elkins Caleb Barton and Damaris Hull
John Altizer and ElizabethElkins William Wheatland and Elizabeth Blackwell
Christian Gobble and Sara Gise William Forbes and ??
James Harris and?? Hendrik Klasasens Medendorp and Anje Derks

Garmt Tjarks de Graaf and Jantje Alderts Dob


Jan Emes van der Schaaf and Anna Rikkerts Kast

  Klaas Cornelius Stuivinga and Julia Johanna Uilkens
  Obed Higley and Rebecca Mills
  Daniel Phelps and Rhoda Eno

Generation 8

5 great grandparents of Generation 1

(note since Joel Coe and Huldah Horton were in generation 7 twice
due to a cousin marriage, I am just including their ancestors here once **)
James Pressnall and Ann Daniel Jesse Martin and Elizabeth Thomas
John Modlin and Hannah Overman Jacob Busbin and Sarah Kidd
William Newby and Jemima Newby Temperance Bridges and Sarah Hale
 William Munden and Ruth Elliott Andrew Hartsfield and Sarah Lynn
John Giles Cromwell and Comfort Robosson  Matthew Carithers
John Nixon and Elizabeth Moore Nathan Bond and Elizabeth Ballenger
Josiah Bundy and Elizabeth Barrow Joel Cash and Tabitha Bartlett

William Obadiah Gragg and Elizabeth Matin

Thomas Fortson and Rachel Winn
Andrew Christy and Elspeth Melvill Nathan Gann and Elizabeth Eastin
Alexander Dempster and Margaret Stark Jacob Kinnebrew and Edith Kirby
John Stevens and Martha Creiger Ephriam Bennett and Ann Baldwin
John Lawrence and Lavinah Ormsbee Ebenezer Ford and Sarah Tousey
Azariah Crandall and Rebecca Reynolds Joseph Coe and Abigail Curtis **
Benjamin Slocum and Rebecca Wilcox Nathaniel Horton and Rebecca Robinson **
David Crandall and Jemima Coon Peter Robert and Ann Grimball
David Austin and Judith Hall Elias Jaudon and Mary Hyrne Dixon
George? Hall and? Samuel Church and Margaret Smith
Johann Philip Glick and Susannah Barbarine John Billings and Jerusha Waite
Reuben Herald and Rebecca Smith Caleb Barton and Rose?
Solomon Akers ??? Lorton Teddeman Hull and Elizabeth Franklyn
Archibald Elkins and Margaret? Claes Jans Medendorp and Roelefje Klasen
Archibald Elkins and Margaret?? Derk Hindriks and Grietje Jans
Emery Altizer and Mary Pitzer Tjark Garmts and Lijzabeth Jakobs
Archibald Elkins and Margaret? Aldert Jans and Anje Jans
Johann F. Gabel/Goble and Christiana Hornberger Eme Jans van der Schaaf and Klaaske Garmts
Peter Gise and Otilla?? Rijkert Jacobs Kast and Ebeltje Jans
  Cornelius Stuivinga and Grietje Berends Weirsum
  Jacobus Albertus Uilkins and Gesina Havinga
  John Higley and Apphia Humphrey
  John Mills and Wait Miller
  Timothy Phelps and Rachel Foote
  Jonathan Eno and Mary Hart

Generation 9

6 Great Grandparents of Generation 1


James (Jacob) Pressnall and?? Edward Thomas and Mary Harding
Edward Modlin and Mary Dorman James Aaron Bridges and susannah Rich
Jacob Overman and Rebecca Newby Joseph Lynn and Sarah Marshall
Samuel Newby and Elizabeth Albertson Charles Bond and Mary Parks
Samuel Newby and Ann Mayo Joseph Ballenger and Charity Wade
Benjamin Munden and Hannah?? Robert Howard Cash and Ruth Walker
Thomas Elliott and Mary Morgan Thomas Fortson aqnd Elizabeth Winn
Zachariah Nixon and Elizabeth Symons Benjamin Winn and Ann Taverner
William Moore and Elizabeth McBride Samuell Gann and Elizabeth Carter
Samuel Bundy and Tamar Symons Phillip Eastin and Elizabeth Douglas
Joseph Barrow and Jane Nicholson William Kinnebrew and Ann V. Barrow
Alexander Christie and ?? William Kirby and Mary Turner
Michael Dempster and Bessie Patton Thomas Bennett and Mary Booth
Henry Stark and Margaret Cunningham Caleb Baldwin and Mehitable?
John Stevens Sr. and?? Thomas Ford and Mary Prime
Samuel Crandall and Sarah Worden Thomas Tousey and Hannah Clark
James Reynolds and Rebecca Burdick Joseph Coe and Abigail Robinson **
Abraham Slocum and Abigail Smith John Curtiss and Hannah Johnson **
John Wilcox and Martha Coe Nathaniel Horton and Mehitable Welles **
John Crandall and Elizabeth Lewis Jonah? Robinson and Abigail Kirby? **
Joseph Maccoone and Jemima Ross Jacques Robert and Sarah Jaudon
Joseph Austin and Abigail Rogers Paul Grimball and Mary Stone
David Hall and Judith Wilbor/Wilbor Elias Jaudon and Elizabeth Robert
Johannes Glick and Anna Magdelena Herr Thomas Dixon and Elizabeth Smith
Blackburn Akers Samuel Church and Abigail Harrison
Richard Elkins and Mary Gallop Samuel Smith and Sarah Bliss
Christian Pitzer and Sophia C. Bashore Richard Billings and Hannah Marsh
Richard Elkins and Mary Gallop John Wait and Submit Hastings
Hans Johann Jacob Gabel and Maria M. Rheinmuller Joseph Barton and Abigail Lewis
Christian Hornberger and ?? John Hull and Damaris Carey
  Henry Franklyn and?
  Jan Jacobs and Bauke Claessen
  Claas Roelfs and Albertje Geerts
  Jan Reuwerts and Korneliske Emes
  Garmt IJsebrants and Eltjen  Jans
  Berent Jannes and Anje Cornelis Wijrsum
  Claes Geerts Stuvinga and Maria de Baar
  Christoffer Uilkens and Wildina Stenhuis
  Johannes Havinga and Judith Tideman
  Brewster Higley and Hester Holcomb
  Jonathan Humphrey and Mercy Ruggles
  John Mills and Damaris Phelps 
  Abraham Miller and Sarah Danks
  Amos Phelps and Sarah Pettibone
  Daniel Foote and Mary Collyer
  David Eno and Mary Gillett
  Elijah Hart and Abigail Goodrich

Generation 10

Ezekiel Maudlin and Hannah Mary Nicholson William Kinnebrew sr.
Richard Dorman and Ann Atwood John Barrow and Elizabeth Holiday
John Newby and Magdalena? Richard Kirby and Alice Burns
  William V. Turner and   ???
  James Bennett and Mary Joy
Eber Crandall and Patience Lamphere Ephriam Booth and Mary Osborn
Thomas Worden and Sarah Butler unknown Prime
Daniel Baldwin and Sarah Camp 
Rev. Joseph Crandall and Deborah Hubbard Burdick unknown Prime
Samuel Clark and Mehitable Phippen 
Robert Burdick and Rebecca Foster John Coe and Mary Hawley 
James Lewis and Sarah Babcock David Robinson and Abigail Kirby
John Maccoone and Anne? Benjamin Curtiss and Esther Judson
Willaim Ross and Anna Lewis Caleb Horton and Phebe Terry
  Pierre Robert and Judith Videaul
  Thomas Grimball and Elizabeth Adams
  John Stone and Susannah Carriere
David Austin and Dinah Wilkinson Daniel Jaudon and Judith Madelaine Videaul
Thomas Rogers and Zerviah Woodmansee Pierre Robert and Judith de Bordeaux
James Hall and Rachel Maccoon unknown Dixon
Benjamin Wilber and Deborah Gifford Thomas Smith Jr,and Mary Hyrne
Lorenz Gluck and Magdalena  Krug Samuel Church and Ann Churchill (prob)
Peter Herr and Anna Freund Isaac Harrison and Martha Montague
  Chileab Smith and Hannah Hitchcock
  Lawrence Bliss and Lydia Wright
  Samuel Billings and Sarah Fellows
  Samuel Marsha and Mary Allison
  John Wait and Mary Belding
  Benjamin Hastings and Mary Clark
  Roger Barton
  Philip Lewis and Sarah Ashley
  John Hull and Alice Teddeman
  John Carey and Damaris Arnold
  unknown Franklyn
  Jan Jacobs and Engeltien a Noijen
  Claes Hindricks and Anje Mindels
  Isebrant Peters and Trijnje Garmts
  Jan Derks and Trijeje Clasen
  Cornelius de Baar and Liefke Hillenius
  Schulte Havinga and Gesijna Scheuning
  Jan Rudolph Tideman and Geesjen l'Empereur
  John Higley and Hannah Drake
  Nathaniel Holcomb and Mary Bliss
  Samuel Humphrey and Mary Mills
  Benjamin Ruggles and Mercy Woodbridge
  John Mills and Sarah Pettibone 
  Joseph Phelps and Sarah Case
  Abraham Miller and Hannah Clapp
  Robert Danks and Rebecca Rust
  Joseph Phelps and Mary Case
  John Pettibone and Mary Bissell
  Samuel Foote and Mary Merrick
  Joseph Collier and Sarah Forbes
  James Eno and Abigail Bissell
  William Gillett and Mary Saxton
  Thomas Hart and Mary Thompson
  Allen Goodrich and Elizabeth Goodrich

Generation 11

Elder John Crandall and second wife Hannah Gaylord James Bennett and Hannah Wheeler
George Lamphere and Jane Hulet Walter Joy and Deborah Wathen
Samuel Worden and Hopestill Holly Richard Booth and Elizabeth Hawley
unknown Butler Jeremiah Osborn and Mary Davis
Robert Rurdick and Ruth Hubbard Daniel Baldwin and Elizabeth Botsford
Thomas Foster and Susan Parker Nicholas Camp and Sarah Beard
Elder John Crandall and first wife Mary? Thomas Clark and Hannah Gibbard
Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard Gamaliel Phippen and Sarah Purchase
John Lewis and Mary Button Robert Coe and Hannah Mitchell **
James Babcock and Jane Brown Joseph Hawley and Catherine Birdsey **
John Maccone and Sarah Wood Thomas Robinson and Mary Welles **
William Ross and Hannah Hungerford John Kirby and Elizabeth Hinds **
John Lewis and Anna Lamphere John Curtiss and Elizabeth Welles **
Jeremiah Austin and Elizabeth Potter Joseph Judson and Sarah Porter **
unknown Wilkinson Barnabas Horton and Sarah Wines
James Rogers and Elizabeth Harper Nathaniel Terry and Mary Horton
unknown Woodmansee Pierre Robert and Jeanne Braye
James Hall and Sarah Babcock Pierre Videaul and Jeanne Elizabeth Mauze
John Maccoone and Ann ?? Elie Jaudon and Sarah Bertonneau
Joseph Wilbore and Ann Brownell Pierre Videaul and Jeanne Elizabeth Mauze
Christopher Gifford and Deborah Perry Elie Jaudon and Sarah Bertonneau
  Pierre Videaul and Jeanne Elizabeth Mauze
  Jacques de Bourdeaux and Madelaine Barillond
  Thomas Smith sr. and Barbara Atkins
  Edward Hyrne and ??
  Richard Church and Ann??
  unknown Harrison
  Richard Montague and Abigail Downing
  Chileab Smith and Hannah Hitchcock
  Thomas Bliss and Margaret Hulins
  Samuel Wright and Margaret Stratton
  Richard Billings and Margery??
  Richard Fellows and Ursula??
  John Marsh and Ann Webster
  Richard Ellison and Thomasine Ellison
  Benjamin Wait and Mary Leonard
  Stephen Belding and Mary Welles
  Thomas Hastings and Margaret Cheney
  Nathaniel Clark and Mary Meekins
  William Lewis and Mary Hopkins
  Robert Ashley and Mary Eddy
  Tristram Hull and Blanche??
  Edmund Teddeman and??
  John Carey and Abigail Pinneman
  Oliver Arnold and Phebe
  XXXunknown parents of Jan Jacobs
  XXXunknown parents of Engeltien Noijen
  XXX unknown parents of Claes Hindriks
  XXXunknown parents of Anje Mindels
  Peter Sijuwerts and Derckjen
  XXXunknown parents of Trinjije Garmts
  XXXunknown parents of Jan Derks
  XXXunknown parents of Trinjije Clasen
  Henricus Tiberius de Baar
  Anna Maria Cochoorn
  Havrick Schultes and Dedje Jansen
  Claes Scheuninck and Roela Tideman
  Focco Tideman and Margreta Bottichius
  Harmannus l'Empreur and Judith Bartelink
  Jonathan Higley and Katherine Brewster
  unknown Drake
  Thomas Holcomb and??
  Nathaniel Bliss and Catherine Chapin
  MIchale Humphrey and Pricilla Grant
  Simon Mills and Mary Buell
  John Ruggles and Sarah Dyer
  John Woodbridge and Abigail Leete
  Simon Mills and Mary Buell
  John Pettibone and Sarah Eggleston
  Joseph Phelps and Hannah Newton
  John Case abd Sarah Spencer
  William Miller and Patience Bacon
  Preserved Clapp and Sarah Newberry
  Robert Danks and Elizabeth Rust
  Israel Rust and Rebecca Clark
  Joseph Phelps and Hannah Newton
  Richard Case and Elizabeth Purchase
  John Pettibone and??
  Samuel bissell and Abigail Holcomb
  Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Smith
  Thomas Merrick and Sarah Stebbins
  Joseph Collier and Elizabeth Sanford
  unknown Forbes
  James Eno and Hannah Bidwell
  Samuel Bissell and Abigail Holcomb
  Jonathan Gillett and Mary Kelsey
  John Saxton and Mary Hill
  Thomas Hart and Ruth Hawkins
  John Thompson and Mary Steel
  John Goodrich and Rebecca Allen
  David Goodrich and Hannah Wright

Generation 12

William Gaylord and Ann Porter Thomas Wheeler and Ann Halsey
Peter Worden and Mary Magdalene Winslow Thomas Osborne and Mary Goatley 
Samuel Hubbard and Tacy Cooper Nathaniel Baldwin and Abigail Camp
Edmund Lewis and Mary Carey Henry Botsford and Elizabeth Woolhead
Peter Button and Elizabeth Lettice Nicholas Camp and Sarah Elliott
James Babcock and Sarah Brown James Beard and Martha Beard
Nicholas Brown and Elizabeth Leids George Clark and Sarah Clark
Thomas Hungerford and Hannah Willey William Gibbard and Anne Tapp
John Lewis and Mary Button David Phippen and Sarah Pinckney
Thomas Rogers and Sarah ?? Aquila Purchase and Ann Squire
Henry Hall and Honor?? Robert Coe and Mary?
Job Babcock and Jane Crandall (daughter of Elder John Crandall) Samuel Hawley and??
John Maccoone and Sarah Wood Hugh Welles and??
William Wilbor and Martha Potter Humphrey Kirby and Marjorie White
Thomas Brownell and Ann Bourne John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins
William Gifford and Elizabeth Grant Robert Welles and Alice Hunt
  John Porter and Rosanna White
  Caleb Horton and Abigail Hallock??
  Barnabas Wines and Mary Mapes
  Richard Terry and Abigail Lines
  Caleb Horton and Abigail Hallock
  Daniel Robert and Marie P. de Sonviuer
  Jehu Braye and Suzanne?
  Pierre Videaul and Madelaine Burgaud
  Elias Mauze and??
  Daniel Jaudon and??
  Jacques Bertonneau and Elizabeth Nomaiden
  Pierre Videaul and Madelaine Burgaud
  Elias Mauze and??
  Daniel Jaudon and Daniel? Jaudon
  Jacques Bertonneau and Elizabeth Nomaiden
  Pierre Videaul and Madelaine Burgaud
  Elias Mauze and??
  Daniel Robert and Marie P. de Sonviuer
  Jehu Braye and Suzanne?
  Evereaud P.de Bordeaux and Catherine Fresne
  Israel Garillon and Sausanne Saunier
  Peter Montague and Eleanor Allen
  Richard Billings and Elizabeth Strong
  Noble Fellows and??
  John Marsh and Grace Baldwin
  John Webster and Agnes Smith
  Thomas Wait and Eleanor?
  Samuel Belding and Mary Meekins
  Thomas Welles and ???
  Henry Hastings and Eleanor Knyvett
  William Cheney and Margaret Cule
  William Clark and Sarah Strong
  Thomas Meeking and Sarah Catherine?
  William Hopkins and Mary Andrews
  Joseph Hull and Joane
  John Carey and Elizabeth Godfrey
  Benedict Arnold and Damaris Westcott
  Thomas Cook and Thomasin Cook
  Thomas Bliss and Margaret Hulings
  Samuel Chapin and Cicely Penny
  unknown Humphrey
  Matthew Grant and??
  Simon? Mills
  William Buell and Mary Post
  unknown RugglesThomas Dyer and Agnes Reed
  John Woodbridge and Mercy Dudley
  William Leete and Anne Payne
  Simon Mills and ??
  William Buell and Mary Post
  Begat Eggleston and??
  William Phelps and Susanna Marshall
  Anthony Newton and??
  William Spencer and Agnes Wakeman
  Roger Clapp and Joanna Ford
  Benjamin Newberry and Mary Allyn
  Robert Danckes and Grace Coventry
  Thomas Swift and Elizabeth Capen
  Henry Ruse and Hanna Hobart
  William Clark and Sarah Strong
  William Phelps and??
  Anthony Newton and??
  William Case and Ruth James
  John Purchase and Jane??
  John Bissell and Elizabeth Thompson
  Thomas Holcomb and??
  Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Deming
  Rowland Stebbins and Sarah Whiting
  William Collier and Jane Clarke
  Jean Henno and Catelaine Jone
  Richard Bidwell and??
  John Bissell and Elizabeth Thompson
  Thomas Holcomb and?
  Jonathan Gilett and Mary Dolbiar
  William Kelsey and Bethia Hopkins
  Luke Hill and Mary Hoyt
  Stephen Hart and Margaret Farmington
  Anthony Hawkins and Mary Wells
  Thomas Thomson and Ann Welles
  John Steele and Mercy Warner
  William Goodrich and Sarah Marvin
  John Allyn and Ann Smith
  William Goodrich and Sarah Marvin
  Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Chittenden

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