Father: Wayne Milton Pressnall Mother: ***Gloria Ann Epps
Birthplace and date:
1934 Odell,Gage County, Nebraska
Birthplace and date: 1939 Dallas, Dallas County,Texas
Parents: William Milton Pressnall, Greta Rose Crandall Parents: John Gilbert Epps, Mary Ellen Bennett
Marriage date and place: June 4, 1960 Dallas, Texas Marriage date and place: June 4, 1960 Dallas, Texas
Death date and place: Death date and place:
Notes: Met in 1959. Both of us were working summer jobs in Yellowstone Park. Married at Pleasant Grove First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. Moved to Fullerton, Nebraska, where Wayne taught in the high school. Lived there for 3 years, then moved to Peru, Nebraska where Wayne taught in the college training high school and Gloria finished her college degree at Peru State College. The campus high school closed in 1967 and moved to Schuyler, Nebraska, where Wayne taught science.In 1970 moved to Lynch, Nebraska, where Wayne and Gloria both were teachers.In 1973 moved to North Platte, Nebraska, where Wayne taught schooland in 1974 Gloria started working for the postal service. Wayne retired in 1995 and Gloria retired in 1999.First child Gretchen was born in Wisconsin as Wayne was attending summer classes at nearby River Falls, Wisconsin. William was born in Pennsylvania. Wayne spent the year in Philadelphia to get his masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
Name Birthdate Name of Spouse
G.A. July 20, 1961 D.J. Miller
January 17, 1963 L. Olson