No picture but this is the county in Tennesseee where they were before they came to Indiana

Father: Joseph Collins
Mother: Jane Kello
Birth date and place: November 28, 1809,
Greene County, Tennessee
Birth date and place:June 11, 1811, Virginia
Death date and place: January 13, 1906,
Henry County, Indiana
Death date and place:February 29, 1892
Henry County, Indiana
Marriage date and place:November 9, 1828,
Greene County, Tennessee
Marriage date and place:November 9, 1828,
Greene County, Tennessee
Parents:Uriah Collins, Elizabeth Sellars
Parents: Nehemiah Kello?, Susan Byrket

Notes:Marriage date from book of compiled records of Greene County, Tennessee. Information on Collins family is on internet at this url:

Joseph and Jane Collins must have come to Indiana sometime between 1833 and 1838 as their first child was born in Tennesse and the second in Indiana.

Children: all born in Indiana

March 29, 1833
May 22, 1916
Ezra Foster
February 4, 1838
November 13, 1911
Mary Smith
April 4, 1894
moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma, killed when a car 
ran over him
Sarah C.?

Mary Ann
Charles Lowe
August 1934
William R. Pressnall
after 1907
Samuel Wise
Samuel Reed
Josiah Mccormack
June 22, 1920
Lewis P. Moore
June 12, 1852
March 30, 1930
Silas Kendall

Death Certificate of Joseph Collins
Note that it says Jane or "Jensy's" maiden name was Bryant. Not what it says in the records, but one of Joseph's illnesses was senility, perhaps he got mixed up. The records say he was married to Jane Kello and there has been no indication he was remarried. Also the person giving the death certificate information was his youngest daughter, and she might have not remembered correctly.

Another note: Greene County, Tennessee was the birthplace of Davy Crockett in 1798. So there is the possibility that some of the Collinses knew some of the Crocketts.