A Little History of This Site

Started about December of 2001
a few months after I joined a site called the Playroom
hosted by a company with the name of MyFamily.com.

One of the purposes of the Playroom was to help people learn HTML and to set up their own websites. 
 Another purpose was to get us working with our graphic editing
programs.  We got a scanner and with it came a copy of an editing program called
Adobe Photoshop LE.  Gradually I learned to  use that to edit my scanned photos.
Later We bought an editing program called Adobe Photoshop Elements and that is
the one I use most of the time now.

A friend named Ann from the Playroom first helped me get this site set up about 2001, and now in 2005 I can handle it by myself.   In fact I just decided to  turn it in to kind of a blog.
Now here it is October 31, 2012 and I am older by more than ten years.  I have used the things I learned in the Playroom but no longer go to that site much.Instead I have been working on my genealogy more.  You can see it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.   We have done quite a bit of traveling these past ten years.  For several years we made autumn trips to New York City to see plays.  Good thing we did not try to go this week because they had a very bad storm.
I have taken a lot of pictures these last few years as well, though with only a basic digital camera, have dreamed of a slr camera but cannot justify the expense yet.
My goals for the next few years, if I last long enough are:
  1. Review various programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Flash 4----especially Flash as that program makes some neat animations. 
  2.  It does have a large learning curve.  But I have a book which I can use to go step by step.  The other three I have some experience with but need to go through the books and 
  3. review.
  4. Finish making my genealogy ancestry charts and add pictures and documentation.  Genealogy
    I have a start on including the genealogy and family history for both me and my husband, but have a long ways to go.
  5. Continue with my membership in the local chapter of DAR and also the local genealogical society and volunteer for some duties for those organizations.
  6. Keep up with washing clothes and dishes and other household chores.
  7. Do a bit more traveling---I would really like to take a cruise up the coast of Norway and see their fjiords.  But we  took a cruise up the west coast this spring and customs was such a hassle plus if we took the Norway cruise that would mean long air flights both ways.  So maybe any more trips will have to be in the US.
Hard to believe I have two 20 year old grandkids and two others that are 16 and 17.  Our 17 year old granddaughter will graduate from high school next year and our grandson the year after that.  Then the older two will be out of college.  In our living room we have a child's table and chairs which we use to hold our television.  It is a pretty sturdy set--we bought it at Gold's department store in Lincoln, Nebraska--Golds has long sold out to  a chain that is now Dillards.  That table and the chairs were used for many a card game we taught out children  when they were young.
October 31, 2012
Didn't  get much done to reach my goals today.  I had a physical therapy appointment which I thought was today but was actually today.  They were able to get it in today.  Then had to take the dog to the vet for a booster shot.  Some friends helped me get tables to the library for our bake sale  the next three days for the benefit of the fund to have put in an electronic directory for the cemetery in our town.  Then there were a few trick or treaters tonight.  and I started reading part of the online edition of Judd's History of Hadley, Massachusetts.  Several of my ancestors lived there in colonial days before their offspring subsequently moved first to New York, then to  Illinois, for a short time to Nebraska and finally settled in Arkansas.  Pretty soon I have to go to bed and get some sleep and set the alarm to be at that bake sale in the morning.
November 5, 2012
The bake sale is over now and I spent yesterday resting up.  Also I have cut back on my eating as a first step toward getting rid of my excess 24 pounds.  I have another appointment with the physical therapist today.  My hand and arm are much improved compared to what they were the first week of October, but still I occasionally have a  bit of pain in the arm muscle and a little tingling in my hand.  Tomorrow we do the voting thing. Guess we had better get over there at a reasonable time, maybe after therapy.  Hope the line is not too long.
March 20, 2013
The therapy did work and now I am back to using the computer mouse.  We have spent the last month remodeling my computer/office/genealogy room. It  feels much better in here now that we have a fresh paint job and new laminate flooring put down.  We do not have much planned for Easter but do hope to make a trip to Dallas in  May to see our son get his masters degree 
July 6, 2013
Here it is July 6 and I  have not added to this.  We did make the Dallas trip and enjoyed a good visit with my son and family. I had a birthday in June and have now lived for 74 years.  For my birthday we bought a new computer.  It is fun having two that work well.  I have been trying to learn to use Adobe Flash so have that set up on one computer and do mail and sites on this one.
June 13, 2014
Last year the Playroom seemed to have died so I tried to revive it  as a site for learning online graphics programs.  I was pretty 
busy so  just got started in making tut0rials for that.
We just got word a couple of weeks ago that  the myfamily.com sites are being closed down by ancestry.  I am so thankful that I learned so much while these 
sites were active.  I am glad that at least on facebook I will be able to  be in touch with the many friends I have made over the years on those sites.  I am looking forward to a reunion of my mother's family on June 22.  I need to get back to working with Flash--at least I can put
my flash creations here and put links to them on other sites.
I had good checkups at the cardiolog anddentists last week.
September 8, 2014.  
Well after more than 14 years the myfamily.com sites will all be closed by their parent company Ancestry.com.  A lot of the sites are being migrated to or recreated at familylobby.com so I am trying to learn how to use the family lobby sites.
September 20, 2014
Not only is myfamily.com closing but it looks like my original gloriasniche site is also closed as I do not get the pages that are still on topcities.  So many of the links 
below will not work until I post them on the the gap100./com site here.  Gonna start working on them now.
December 25, 2015
Golly it has been a long time since I have been here.  I have been dinking around on the computer, though and doing graphics at little bit.  If anyone has been here they will notice that some of the links do not work any more--that is because I had some of my pictures over at my old topcities site.  I no longer have that site and really do not need it, just need to get my pictures put on this site and linked right.  I notice that my web host has a lot of new things to try out so my resolution for 2016 is to try and learn to use them.
January 6, 2016
 (an attempt at writing)

My grandmother Epps dipped snuff.  What a nasty habit but I guess it helped her get through a life of hard work, poverty and seven children. Even with those fancy containers it is still a nasty habit.  Even if Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia had this habit that does not change my judgment.  My mother said my Aunt Jane dipped snuff as well, but I believe Aunt Jane finally gave it up. 


I do not know the exact way snuff dipping is done, but you do get these dips of snuff into your mouth and somehow slosh it around for a while.  Or maybe just keep it in your cheek. After a while you have to spit and that calls for having a spit container of some kind.  Some of these spit containers are very fancy but that does not change the fact that they are for holding ugly brown spit.  My grandmother usually used a coffee can.  She kept it on the floor in the living room beside her rocking chair.


I remember when our sister was born my mother had to be gone for a few weeks for medical care in another town.  I lived with my Aunt Lucy, my brother Richard lived that period with our grandmother Bennett and my brother Ralph was sent to live with our grandmother Epps.  He was about a year old at the time, so just barely walking.  I guess Grandmother left him alone in her living room and  he found this container and picked it up and dumped it.  What a mess to clean up!  I wonder what my grandmother did with her spit can when her own children were toddlers.


At least a partially redeeming  feature of my grandmother's nasty habit is that it supplied her and also our family with nice looking drinking glasses.  Our family of six used a lot of them and of course in the course of dishwashing some got broken. These glasses are now valuable on the antique market.  I do not collect them as after washing  so many  of  them that was"snuff".

September 20, 2017
Boy it surehas been along time since I have written here. I am now using my second Imac.  The one I used to learn so much is now getting a new hard drive as the old hard drive went out on us.  I am hoping  I did not lose all of  my programs but I think I will be able to re-install if needed. Most of our pictures had been put on flash drives or loaded into the space here on my web space. .  They put a newer operating system when they replaced the hard drive.  I almost could not use that computer to go to the internet as the coding for sites is so much different nowadays.  I could not even get here as my web host changed its coding--added aneasier way to make web page.  Adding pictures is pretty much drag and drop,though they still have the option to add pictures one at a time from your files.
They have also added a thing called Word Press.  My daughter says I should learn to use it.
November 21, 2018
My goodness, has it been two years already since  I have looked here.  I still have not learned to use Word Press.  This past summer I purchased a used 15 inch Apple Laptop.  The older imac I put back in the bedroom--the new hard drive they put on it still does not get the internet but they were able to save a couple of my favorite graphics programs so I use those occasionally.
News this year is that I have had the cataracts removed from both eyes.  The result is that I see much better but still have to use glasses for close up work.



Terrazzo Background Tiles

I made some background swatches with Photoshop.
The carpet like ones have come in quite handy as backgrounds.

The flower and miscellaneous backgrounds are specialty
backgrounds made with a Photoshop Elements 2 Plugin called Splat.
There are links at the bottom of the pages to pages of flower, food and
miscellaneous backgrounds.
Terrazzo is a pluginfor Adobe Photoshop, which I used with AdobePhotoshop Elements.
A pretty long list of main dishes. Page first created by Barbara Brokaw
These are links to my favorite sources for graphics and other things.Some of the sites linked to may be closed.
Armadillo    Poem by Onan A. Hill
 At an Elderhostel my  husband and I went on 
 in Long Beach,  Washington, there was a fellow  elderhosteler who had  written a poem about  his  battle with an armadillo.  He gave me  permission to put it on  a web page.